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Affichage des articles du décembre, 2017

Migrants crisis

The letter reads: “We can not, we must not, resign ourselves to the human, social and health drama of uprooting migrants. Every month, several thousand people arrive in our cities. “Integrating those recognised as refugees and helping those who have lost their right of asylum who still remain in our territory is a major issue. The evidence is there, before our eyes, in our streets, in homes and shelters: there is urgency.” It comes after some Paris residents threatened to go on hunger strike unless Emmanuel Macron dealt with the number of migrants sleeping rough in their city. The migrants crisis hasn’t gone away, in fact it shows no signs of stopping at all. Yesterday Westmonster highlighted that the EU’s own Migration Commissioner admitted it would ‘never stop’ and said mass migration is a key pillar of loads of EU policies. EU leaders just don’t seem to care about the massive cultural and social changes taking place across Europe. Brexit means Britain can finally control its own b…